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 “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

It’s the fear that holds us back, isn’t it? Everyone has at least one thing, one project close to their heart which they would love to achieve or accomplish. It could be anything - a great, heroic undertaking or a seemingly minor task that others achieve without effort. For each of us there is the challenge. This website brings you the single, heartening thought: Whatever it is you want to do, you can do it. And when we’ve done it, we grow in self worth and esteem.
Here are some of the achievements that individuals have been able to accomplish with the support and encouragement of a Courage CoachTM.
  • finding the power to stay in a difficult relationship and making it work
  • trusting your creativity and deciding to live by it.
  • riding though redundancy and re-inventing a career
  • stepping through the stages of grief to find peace
  • letting go of a damaging obsession
  • overcoming the fear of water, and learning to swim
  • deciding to leave an abusive relationship and set out alone
  • returning to college to face challenges of study and social fears
  • releasing oneself from negative memories of the past
  • conquering the destructive grip of addiction
  • making a major presentation to senior executives at work
  • going to the dentist
  • ‘coming out’, and letting friends and family know your true self.
  • going to an interview, after years out of the workplace
  • driving in the dark
  • discovering one’s own dignity and the power to say, “no”.
  • beating a terror of exams
  • working through a debilitating illness
  • forgiving the unfaithfulness of a partner and moving on
  • learning to accept situations that cannot be changed
Each challenge is unique to the person facing it. Yet this variety of challenges had one thing in common. Each person needed to find the courage inside themselves to conquer their own situation, and each person found help, and support, a powerful method to face and finish the fears that held them back.
Courage Coach™, Davina Lloyd, has been working with people for many years, sharing her own experience of conquering life’s challenges – from the challenges of being of mixed races, to moving and living in different parts of the world, close personal experience of dependency and addiction, bringing up children alone, divorce and redundancy and recreating a way of living each time the old one comes to a close.
If you want to read the Cases of Courage – individuals who have met their challenges head-on and won, click here and be inspired.
If you have a challenge that you are have made up your mind to take on, and you’d like the personal support of The Courage Coach to accompany you on the adventure, get in touch to make an appointment. In person, or by phone.
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If you like the idea of training to become a Courage Coach, contact us, to talk through this option. From this success, and new courage coaches are being trained to extend the work to those who need it.